Life can get tough sometimes.  People often contact me when they are experiencing some big challenges.  If you’re like them, you might experience some of these things: 


  • you’re dealing with an unexpected challenge or event and you’re feeling lost, stressed or out of control.

  • you’re feeling depressed, sad or apathetic.  You might feel like you have lost your mojo and have no idea where to find it again.  You might feel numb - like you have no feeling at all.

  • you’re anxious and can’t figure out what that’s about.  It keeps you up at night or makes you nervous doing normal, everyday things.

  • you’re experiencing stress in your work & life


Reaching out for help takes courage.  I can help.  I’ve had the privilege of working with people having these experiences over the last 15 years. 


Accessibility is important to me. If there is anything I can do to help make my service more accessible to you, please contact me.


My services are provided by video link or telephone.  I pride myself on reducing as many barriers as possible for people to seek help (whilst still providing excellent service), particularly those who live in rural and remote communities.


How I do therapy:

I’m an eclectic practitioner.  That means I use strategies from multiple approaches depending on what might work best for you.  Sometimes it takes some time to figure out what might be most helpful – but usually  you will have a sense of whether you want to continue with me after our first session.  If you know a bit about different approaches, the few that I use most, are: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Solutions Focused Therapy; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology.


Medicare Rebates: 

If you live in certain (rural and remote) parts of Australia, you may be eligible to receive a medicare rebate for a video session provided you have a mental health care plan from your GP.  If you feel uncertain about whether your area qualifies you for this, please contact me here. You are able to receive $86.15 per session back. Medicare provides a rebate for up to 10 sessions per year.


You do not have to have a mental health care plan to access these sessions, but you are unable to receive a rebate without one – it’s entirely up to you. If you live in areas that are not rural and remote you will not be able to access a medicare rebate for video sessions.


Sessions last for 50-60 minutes generally.  My fee per session is $150.

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