Coaching is like having a wingman (wingwoman!!) who is also charged with helping you to light a fire-cracker under your butt.  

Support, but also accountability for action taking. 

I help people make shifts towards good living – in whatever capacity that makes sense.


With a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, I help my clients go from “meh” to “YEAH”!!!


We do that together, by spending time finding out where you’re at in your life currently, finding and teasing out the areas in your life that need some attention and growth, and creating a plan of action.  


My clients who choose this particular adventure typically engage with me in these kinds of ways:


·       Defining and deciding life areas for growth

·       Discovering your strengths and how to use them to your advantage

·       Identifying your values and using these to craft a life of meaning and purpose

·       Setting up your positive priming plan

·       Learning mindfulness strategies for inner bad-assery

·       Setting clear goals and defining your strategy for attaining them


Generally, in our coaching sessions, we spend time with all of these ideas, however, it’s ALL flexible, depending on your specific desired outcome for our coaching.  


How it works: 

We meet fortnightly via video-conference or over the phone.

We spend 50-60 minutes on our plan (we determine the plan together).

You receive an email the following day with a recap and your areas of focus until the next session.

You do the work.


Over the 12 weeks (six coaching sessions in total), I will be asking you to complete some wellbeing quizzes.  This helps us make sure we’re on the right track – that you are actually feeling an improvement in your life.


A six-session twelve week package costs $900. Payment plans are available (deposit is required).



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