Sometimes life can be challenging. 

We can feel stuck in our suffering, or like we’ve lost our spark.

Our mojo can go missing!   



I want to help you to thrive.  To live your best life – in whatever way that is important to you.   

 Taking the step to seek support takes courage. I take this step seriously.  You are a badass.  Our time together, doesn’t have to be boring.  During a session, its normal for there to be tears.  It’s equally normal for us to dissolve into fits of laughter.  

 My job is to help you – through counselling or coaching.  I want to speak to you in ways that you understand, no mumbo jumbo.  Most importantly, I want to help you head in the direction you most want to go in your life.  Whether it’s just sorting out & coping with some of life’s messiness, or taking that step further and focusing on thriving.

Your session will take place via secure video conferencing or telephone. This allows us to be really flexible and removes barriers that some folks have around accessing psychology services.  


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Psychology Counselling


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Positive Psychology Coaching


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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama